“White Rock Visual Dome”, also known as Geodesic Dome, was invented by an American designer Richard Buckminster Fuller 1947.
Fukatsu had been looking for something that can create unique and original imagery world. When he heard about this dome from one of our staff, he knew this is what he had been looking for. That is how we started working on “White Rock”.
After having passed strict domestic security tests, we finally launched White Rock, the first of its kind in the country, at Sapporo City Jazz 2007.
White Rock is made of triangle shaped structure materials covered by a special screen sheet. It can project images 360 degrees inside and outside with high luminance projectors.



scj2008_MG_1241 scj2008__MG_1269 scj2008__MG_1266 scj2008__MG_1253


Whiterock visual dome 

■How to build Whiterock


■Whiterock Panorama view(Quicktime)
((Please move your mouse to view the whole venue.)

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