1995:CYNDI LAUPER [Japan Tour]

In 1995, Shuichi Fukatsu, the founder of Prism Co., Ltd, was asked a rather unique offer. It was to project images onto Cyndi Lauper’s chest during her live show in Japan. He was shocked by such an interesting offer. After succeeded the first show, he was convinced that this unique and free inspiration will be the key to the future.
3 months after the Japan tour, he founded Prism. This was also means the start of the never ending journey for pursuing infinite possibilities of projection images.
Since then we have always been trying and challenging something creative and unconventional.

2004 : Voyage  Produce

An original stage performance consists of French Nouveau cirque, projection images and performance. It recorded 7000 audiences (2 days at Sapporo art park), which is a remarkable number for this type of performance.

2006: Passatism  Produce

One night only show with a world-famous French trapeze group D-HIERO. Projected onto a H14×W6m rear screen and 60m length ceiling with 16 projectors.

passat2 passat3 passat1

2007: The Legend of Kung-Fu  Produce

Co-produced “The legend of Kung-Fu Japan Tour” with China Heaven, the biggest stage company in China.

2007: Sapporo City Jazz   Produce >Official Website >Photo&Movie

Vey First Geodesic Dom, which can project images 360 degrees inside and outside with high luminance projector, in Japan(Also known as White Rock). White Rock has been the main venue for the festival.

2009: Leonie(Movie)  Produce >Official Website

Starring : Emily Mortimer, Shido Nakamura

2010: Eclair お菓子放浪記  Produce >Official Website

Won the Best International Male Actor on Golden Rooster Awards2011(China) The Movie has shown in 65 countries.

2011: 500m Museum  Construction >Official Website

The underground passage museum in the central Sapporo.

2012: TIGER & BUNNY THE LIVE  Produce >Official Website  >Movie

An animation based live performance at Zepp DiverCity. Participated in the production, the visual system and the hardware.

2012: Jinjin(Movie)  Produce >Official Website

Starring : Yasuo Daichi, Kie Nakai On cinema 18 of May 2013

2013: Sapporo Snow Festival  Produce >Movie

3D projection mapping show (Snow Statue)

We create new business model and share inspirations and joy of life by pursuing infinite possibilities of projection images.
Prism will never stop pushing our boundaries as one of the leading companies in the industry.